Adam and Eve - Let's go

Adam and Eve - Let's go

After the very first people of our land, Adam and Eve, led weakly in the Garden of Eden, they were driven out by the Creator as a whole. Already after this exile in the existence of the 1st people there were stable difficulties, but in the main all without exception united to search for Eve, this lady disappears endlessly, but Adam in his own order, looking for her, penetrating the presence of this in a variety of troubles. That is, let's join the newest adventures of the bearded barbarian representatives of the strong sex, rescuing as well as constantly own girlfriend as the presence of this managed to implement assistance in various sports fun, guessing the oldest secrets also significant other things. This time Eve was stolen by this most terrifying snake, for which all without exception also happened. However, a large number of the period since these times also passed, no man is not supposed to go, but to come all the way without exception quests also his task all without exception, really will run.
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