Getting over it

Getting over it

The mountain is no longer the highest, for example you can climb to the top! Grandfather wants to climb the top of the mountain. Can you help him? This is a very fun and interesting game, which can entertain you during the quarantine and make your days more colorful and interesting. At first glance, it may seem like a useless game? But it is not! Here in learn how to react quickly and build a strategy. After all, grandfather is not so easy to get on a few floors, and the mountain so in general, it is not easy. You will need strength and endurance to achieve your goals. So do not be timid before the difficulties and fight for your dream. Help the old man to get to the top of nona, because this is his brightest dream. How can you deprive a man of his dream ... Try to pass the levels as best as possible, because it will not only quickly lead you to the goal, but also will get more bonuses and rewards that will diversify your game and open a lot of different opportunities that will not leave you indifferent.
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