Hop don't stop

Hop don't stop

 Meet the little white bunny also with the endless track in Hop Don't Stop. It's unclear where the poor bunny is coming from, but you'll only notice his heels are also plump ace. The child agrees to run away endlessly, the extent to which you have enough perseverance and resourcefulness in overcoming various endless obstacles.
The only nice little bunny named Hop, guys also call him Happy, decided to win an endless car racing track? It will be necessary for a burdock to run away regularly, every delay will turn to defeat. Make up coins, discounts and avoid obstacles along the way. For Togo To find out what is hidden because of the infinity, the rabbit should run away without looking back, run away again. Hopa does not stop this nice also picturesque game, which is good for absolutely all years!
Aim this rabbit to run away, jump, duck and duck as well.
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