Lamb Shawn New Town

Lamb Shawn New Town

 The player needs to help lamb Sean, who wants to build a town for animals deprived of their own home. These poor creatures have nowhere to live, they suffer from bad weather and hunger. The new and cozy town will provide its tailed inhabitants with everything they need: different resources and their processing, cultivation of different fodder, energy, transportation and creation of their own ecosystem. The city will be built of eco-materials and you will have to go to a local dump to get them. There you will be able to find everything you need for construction. Once you have collected the necessary building materials, you will be able to get to work. Do not forget that this work is allotted exactly 10 days. It is for this period of time the farmer is not on the spot, because he went away on business. You are engaged in a very important and noble work. Help your new friends to find their happy place in the sun.
:Control of the game Баранчик Шон Новый Городок
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