Queen Mel  Lady of Darkness

Queen Mel Lady of Darkness

Cute girls, listen to this magnificent melody, which testifies to this, that very soon there will be a clicked evening, in which Malefisenta plans, but for what reason I am addressed only to the girls, probably because of the fact that the fun gives to organize Queen Mel: Lord of Evil to a feast, in what she intended to be a few more days back. The chronicle keeps silent about this, in the property of whom our heroine was called, but in each case the queen is obliged to be a queen, for this reason it is necessary to seriously assess the preparation for the evening.
Fun is divided into a number of stages, 1st given makup, 2nd selection of outfits and accessories. According to the logic of the items I will start with the makepup, for this purpose, approve your own selection in the illustration with a drawing of the queen, after which you will get into the room with cosmetics. Here you will find a large selection of cosmetics, including replacement lenses. Having finished with make-up, it is possible to switch to a wardrobe with a huge number of different dresses, from what clothes of the most different figures and colors.
:Control of the game Королева Мэл - Владычица Тьмы
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