We very much hope that science and medicine together will defeat the eerie Coronavirus 19 or as it is established to call it among medical professionals Coronavirus Infectious Disease COVID-19, but as long as the doctors are struggling with the microbe in the present existence, I will try with you not to prevent them in any way sticking to self-isolation also fight with his conditional picture in the newest multiscriber io toy. The only thing left for you is to pick up a side, because of which you will fight a brave doctor or a patient who has fallen ill, who became almost cowizombies.
With the most basic of your battle you will get to the site that is detailed infected, the presence rather than in the difference with the real existence, there is no person does not carry a larvae, but it means unsafe infectious disease everywhere, also only you will be able to stand up for yourself. Only through direct contact with infected people, which are regularly carried according to the map also saliva with microbes particles.
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