Mr gun

Mr gun

Are you a good shot? Let's find out! Note: Don't forget to upgrade your own arsenal in any way. Get the latest guns from the Armory Mall by also filling in the Chief's dark listings.
In the game "Mr. Gun", you will turn into a storm of absolutely all offenders and villains. Mr. Gun has absolutely all types of bullet guns also hits in the absence of a miss. Only 1 reference to the mute, criminals are permeated with chills as well. Do you tend to think of the importance of the regime's guard also to deploy a hornet's nest of offenders? At that time, there is a problem!
The M-R revolver will move according to the platforms where its opponents were previously waiting for it. You will be the first to volley. For this Reason, you must also try to get directly into the enemy. In the Case If you miss, then the offender will be in the line of threats as well. For the elimination of villains you will extract noble metal, which can be used to get the latest weapons. Enjoy the game and success!
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