Slap king

Slap king

Take a look at the games you've played so far. This game will be quite fun these days, when you stay home due to an epidemic of crown germs. Challenge your own opponents to freeze to death with your best slapper. The harder you throw, the better your chances of getting your opponent out of the ring. Focus on the best slap you can get. Be the best slammer in the universe. In quarantine, we don't have a sweet tooth, and everyone thinks what to do. Watching TV, playing outdated games is no longer an option!!! The developers of this game are already in a hurry to help you, because this game will brighten up your gray quarantine will. The game is horseshoe creators for all 300%!!! You will find exciting adventures, interesting tasks and beautiful characters, and of course the visual effects of the game, which will not leave anyone indifferent. And of course it is worth noting and sound effects, as well as melodies that will sound throughout the game. Everything is made perfectly for you!
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