Wild birds 3

Wild birds 3

 Wild Birds Match 3 is a cool three in a row fun where you have to put together blocks of one shade in a row of four or less to get the best possible result, be careful not to drop the Scoring Scale on the right side too low, otherwise the fun will be over. The essence of the charade genre "collect three" is to make subgroups, lines and rows of 3 or more. In this case, the main action of the change of places, the rotation of rows or the connection of interactive elements. The third task is to bypass obstacles: documented blocks, preserved and braided by chains. This trick can usually be moved, but it can participate in writing a group and unlock to the ordinary block. In addition to difficulties in the game there are dividends: mantis tokens that repaint the objects in the right color, bombs to simplify the super task. In the third half of Wild Birds Match 3 you will continue to help the scientist to catch different types of wild birds.
:Control of the game Дикие Птицы 3
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