Pink Running Pig

Pink Running Pig

Mumps lived on the same farm, and their life was carefree. Food was always abundant in a special trough and there was also a large puddle of water in the enclosure, where you could splash enough during the day. Days and weeks passed like that, none of the pigs thought about the future, they just lived their ordinary lives. From time to time the owner of the farm would go into the enclosure and take the biggest of the pigs with him. No one knew where they were going or why their family had never come back. One day a little pink piggy appeared on the farm and was very interested in where his relatives were going. The piggy decided to find out about it and one day followed the farmer. He saw something there he'd rather never see. When he came back, he was very sad and did not want to talk to anyone. As always, with the arrival of the morning, the pigs went out into the yard and sorted out their business: someone went for breakfast to the trough, while others poured themselves into a puddle to soak. Unexpectedly, the farmer came again and started calling our character to go with him. But the piggy did not want him to suffer the fate of all pigs, and decided to run away. Now you will help him escape and have an interesting time.
:Control of the game Розовая Бегущая Свинка
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