Juni Kitty Save the kingdom

Juni Kitty Save the kingdom

The cheerful kingdom of Juni Kitty was attacked by Matter Khmur and his team of villains. The inhabitants of the kingdom were forced to flee, and went to every corner of the kingdom. They must be rescued as soon as possible! This game is a wanderer for girls and the main character will bear the main responsibility for the rescue mission. Go on an unsafe journey in a team with Unicitti, Dr. Fox, Papicorn and the powerful Croco-Hawk as a bodyguard. You will need to take turns to overcome all levels. Everyone in the team has special skills and unique attacking power. They will help you defeat all the villains and enemies. The rescue team will have to walk through all the remote corners of the kingdom - from the fun fair to the mysterious caves. All along your way you need to collect sparkling substance and look for runaway citizens. If you act carefully and consistently, then you will be accompanied by success.
:Control of the game Юникитти Спаси Королевство - идти
- атака
- супер навык
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