Mafia war

Mafia war

This game is a virtuoso shooter, in which a tough cowboy decided to challenge the mafia structures. Moreover, no one is able to cope with such a monster alone, so he will have to lead the enemy and destroy from within if he can not defeat it from the outside. Cunning and brutal warfare between Mafia clans awaits ahead. Come to leadership in your separate criminal empire and hold it with a steel grip. The developers have tried and marked in the game reality urban locations from places that exist in the real world. You need to fight for the capture and retention of control over such areas. To do this, you will have to take part in street shootings, carry out daring robberies. As the gang empire grows, you have to expect more and more stabbing in the back from a traitor. After all, in the struggle for power and huge money, even friends can become sworn enemies and betray at the most inopportune moment. We wish you a great game and win the Mafia war.
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