Adam and Eve -Zombie

Adam and Eve -Zombie

 We invite you to a new game in the series about Adam and Eve, in which you will get into a new extraordinary adventure with the main character named Adam, who is always ready to do everything possible to save his beloved Eve. According to the legend of this game, everything around is filled with zombie cats that destroy all life on their way. You and Adam face a difficult task, because it is necessary not only to find and rescue the lady of his heart, but also to survive, erasing all this cat evil. We have to get to the very epicenter of zombie habitat and eliminate all of them so that they can no longer carry the misfortunes of people. The task is very difficult, because these dead cats are very dangerous. They can easily kill Adam and arrange for his burial, so be very careful. At each level, there is a daunting task ahead of you to deal with monster animals and move on to the next level. Take your time and consider your every action, as mistakes will be costly: zombie cats are always ready to attack their victims and kill them. We wish you good luck in your adventures and successful completion of all the tasks ahead.
:Control of the game Адам и Ева - Зомби
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