Moto Extreme 4 Winter

Moto Extreme 4 Winter

The new version of motorcycle racing continues the good old tradition, only in winter conditions. Once again, you can sit behind the wheel of an advanced motorcycle for racing and start to pass dangerous turns on the track. And the track lies in the snow-capped mountains and also in the festive city, which will seriously test your driving skills.  To prove to everyone that you are the best in motorcycle racing, you need to show the best time and round all deadly obstacles. If you perform difficult tricks and do not crash, in addition to reducing the race time, three stars will be presented at each level. As the number of stars increases, it will be possible to get new versions of motorcycles, even including ATV and Santa Claus motorcycle. The game has many different levels and all of them will be able to pass only a persistent and experienced rider, not afraid to take risks and perform dizzying deadly stunts. We wish you good luck!
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