Chess Tasks

Chess Tasks

It often happens that players, having reached a professional level, agree in advance to start the game not from the beginning, but with an intermediate arrangement of pieces on the board, so as not to make many initial moves and rather to approach the final, where one of them will win. Chess players call such a shortened game chess tasks, which is the difference that in them to the mat is much less moves. The proposed game, although it refers to chess, but is not quite the usual way. There will be no white and black pieces, as well as the board itself will not be calculated on black and white cells. That's what the fantasy-driven developers wanted. For example, the pawns here look like terrible servants, and the king is quite disgusting. In these chess it will be relatively easy to play and win only at the initial level, while with increasing complexity will have to strain the brains properly. Develop your chess skills by mastering chess problems.
:Control of the game Шахматные Задачи
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