Frizzle phrases 5

Frizzle phrases 5

Any one of us wouldn't mind using a time machine to travel through time. In this game, you and frizzle  will do just that, and go to the heyday of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, when the Pharaohs were alive and ruling men. This is a great opportunity to be among the pyramids, to see funeral ceremonies and many other interesting things. In this version of the game the developers tried and made several new levels and significantly improved the graphics. Even the main character frizzle himself has changed, he became bigger. However, the novelties are not only something nice, but also problematic. The evil and cunning revived mummy took many friezzlies to her hands and they have to be in her service as slaves. We warn you that getting to the main villain of this game will not be easy, because he put on the way different obstacles, traps and aggressive deadly creatures. You should also be wary of fire arrows that could destroy our frizzle . We wish you a fascinating game and gather all the frizzeles.
:Control of the game Фризл Фраз 5
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