Lego Batman-Stop the Joker

Lego Batman-Stop the Joker

We don't think a justice fighter like Batman should be represented. And, of course, you must be familiar with his antipode Joker. This thawed-out villain has a very rich fantasy about malicious plans that Gotham's superhero has already prevented hundreds. Once again, the Joker is up to something, and it's got to be something insidious and deadly. Fortunately, Batman again managed to arrive at the scene on time and again saved the huge metropolis from the misfortunes prepared by the laughing devil. Once again, having suffered a defeat, the Joker did not give up and was going to escape from retribution on such an unusual means as a large bunch of balloons filled with volatile gas. If the necessary measures are not taken immediately, the villain will fly away and hide from justice, in order to create evil again in time. We suggest you take part with Batman in catching the eternally laughing criminal and send him to prison where he cannot harm the civilians of Gotham.
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