Boxing with geniuses

Boxing with geniuses

We offer you to take part in a boxing tournament. Only this will be a very strange competition, in which the most outstanding minds of our civilization will take part. Among them are Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Copernicus, Galileo and other scientists of our era. A total of eight people will take part in the tournament. You will meet with them one by one, and only after the end of the match you will be able to change your opponent. Naturally, each of their famous scientists will be equipped as a boxer, that is, they will be wearing only sports underwear, boxing boots and gloves. Now the most unusual: the rules of the forthcoming fight differ from the standard ones. You will be able to see on the screen under the ring an equation with several variables or unknown. This exercise must be successfully solved to inflict damage to your scientist opponent. The more correct decisions you make, the more attacks your opponent will receive. Well, if you hesitate to make a decision, you will have to hit your opponent yourself. Show your scientific talents and put all your outstanding opponents in the back soft part. We wish you a successful boxing and a scientific fight!
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