Amphibia Adventure-Locus Pocus

Amphibia Adventure-Locus Pocus

We offer you an amazing adventure in this interesting game. You will see a lot of new and exciting. You have definitely not yet visited the world you will visit here. It is inhabited by unusual creatures and ruled by a huge toad. That's just her story to save and do it will be brave little characters - a little frog and a girl. That's what you're gonna have to control, these brave guys. If you on the way will meet a big crane or heron, you need to hide from them, because everyone knows what the heron will do when you meet the frog: it tries to eat it. Courageously go on the mission to save the lady of this beautiful world and do not be afraid of dangers, but be prudent to avoid them. Enjoy an interesting game and a successful completion of the mission.
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