Agile box

Agile box

We guarantee you in this game to get the most positive emotions. You will laugh from the very first minutes and the fact that almost immediately you have to repeat everything from the beginning will not upset anyone at all. Once you start playing, you will see for yourself. Your character will be an ordinary at first glance a box of cardboard, quite small. However, do not be fooled by the first impression, because this box can surprise no less, and most likely more than the most striking and popular characters of famous computer games. The action takes place as follows: cardboard box, do not be surprised, the male will move to the final destination in a huge suspended world. Each of the suspended parts of the world will be destroyed after you touch it, and you will not be able to step on it again. That's the environment where you have to act and try to get where you want to go. We wish you to have fun and complete all necessary tasks. Good luck!
:Control of the game Ловкая Коробка
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