Snail Bob 4-In space

Snail Bob 4-In space

We suggest you play a new game with Snail Bob, which you will certainly like. After all, events will take place in space, where you have to go through trials even more interesting than in the previous parts of this exciting game. It all started as usual: our character was sitting at home and watching the news on TV. Just reported about the upcoming launch of a new rocket into outer space. This is a very interesting topic for our Bob, who as a child dreamed of becoming an astronaut and to furrow the vast expanse of the universe. Unexpectedly, the phone rang and when the snail picked up the phone, he was stunned by what he heard. And the chief manager of space flights called, who is just looking for volunteers who agree to make a space flight. Naturally, our hero immediately gave his consent and began to gather on an incredible new journey. You should help him through all the peripetias of flight preparation. At the initial levels you will be under the supervision of an experienced astronaut, who will make clues and help to pass the levels. As always, you should be careful to avoid traps and dangers in the form of laser beams, chasms and many other obstacles. You will surely need ingenuity and logic to successfully complete the game. Act accurately and you will help snail Bob to prepare for the flight, to visit the space and successfully return back. Interesting game!
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