Fire and Water - Fishing

Fire and Water - Fishing

It's a great game dedicated to regular fishing. You can go fishing either alone or in the company of a friend. The weather is just perfect to catch a huge catch. The day is beautiful and the chosen place promises a great bite. Take your gear with you, get in the boat and go on the river. The perfect mood from constantly pulling out of the water a variety of fish is guaranteed. But be prepared for not the most pleasant surprises. The fact is that the locals often throw garbage directly into the water and it is already full of completely inappropriate objects. So sometimes instead of shiny and beating fish can be pulled out of the water something like a shoe. By pass the obstacles that will stand in the way of achieving the main goal of catching delicious fish. We wish you to return home with such a huge catch, which could not be on anyone's shoulder. Have a nice and peaceful game
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