Fire and Water 5 - Elements 

Fire and Water 5 - Elements 

Once again, the little spirits are waiting for an adventure! We invite you to play the next part of the famous platform game. It belongs to the type of wanderers, contains puzzle elements and has already won the hearts of many players around the planet. You will have a very interesting adventure with the spirits of Fire and Water, in which you will pass through several natural temples. The main characters are small elements of Water and Fire. You can control both characters at once, or you can call a friend and play together. This will help to overcome difficulties more easily, because each of the players will manage one character. At the very beginning, decide which temple you will get into. This level should be passed, having settled in the allocated time, and collected in the course of the case all the crystals. This is the essence of the game. But even if you can not pick up all the right crystals, or can not fit within the allotted time, then try to get out of the maze. Do not forget that the fire elemental can collect crystals only red and overcome only the water of fire, and the water elemental, respectively, can only pick up the blue crystals and overcome the ponds of water. Beware of approaching green puddles, because they carry a deadly danger for both. It's time to start and immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of the game full of adventure, where you will also sometimes have to solve puzzles. We wish you to have a great experience!
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