Guardian lion hurry to help

Guardian lion hurry to help

Entering the world of this interesting game, you will immediately notice how bright and beautiful it is. You will have to join the adventures of brave lion cub. The fact is that he decided to examine the property belonging to his lion family. At the same time, the little one is going to help all those who will need help. Most likely, he'll have to help hyenas captured. Hyenas are very dangerous and terrible predators. But our little lion isn't sewing with his balls either. He can growl loud already. Besides, he's always supported by his four friends. All of them are always ready to help him in his noble work and will follow him even to the very edge of the savannah. You must be looking forward to an exciting adventure. And, of course, I'm very eager to help the young king of beasts in his necessary endeavour. Hurry up and put aside all your business and forward, across the African expanses, towards adventure!
:Control of the game Хранитель Лев Спешит на Помощь
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