Doctor Plyusheva-Ambulance

Doctor Plyusheva-Ambulance

Every doctor needs a speedy ambulance to get to patients and provide them with medical services. Dr. Plusheva has only a toy ambulance so far, in which she can transport all the necessary instruments for the treatment of toys. Our heroine asks you in this game to help her create an ambulance. To do this, you will need to collect all the parts and materials that need a real ambulance transport. The game will be only three levels, which will be one more difficult than the other and in which you will need to perform tasks. For successful completion of such tasks you will be given exactly the tools that Dr. Plusheva needs for her machine. On the first level, you will operate a powerful robot and lift a heavy barbell, for which you will receive some items. Try to act carefully so that all the toys remain intact. The second level involves filling the fire engine with water from a hydrant. The third level will require you to drive a racing car and pass safely until you exit the maze. As a result, after completion of all tasks, you will be able to successfully assemble an ambulance car and Dr. Plyusheva will quickly come to the sick and save their health. Have a good game!
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