Heirs 2 - Coloring

Heirs 2 - Coloring

You need to help in this game the characters of the famous Disney cartoon "Heirs 2". This case is not very big, but important enough, so you need to meet with them. You are already familiar with the main characters of this popular cartoon, such as Evie, Mel, Carlos and Jay. And now it's time to meet Cinderella's nasty sister's daughter, who, unlike her mother, is very smart and pleasant. Her name is Dizzy. Besides her, you'll also meet the daughter of the evil witch of the Ursula seas. This sorceress has caused considerable damage to the mermaid family, but her daughter is not like that and you can be normal friends with her. Your new acquaintances arrange a small portrait exhibition, which will present their images, as well as portraits of their best friends. However, there is no time left at all, and it is no longer possible to fully paint these drawings. Help cartoon characters to finish this difficult and delicate work. Have a good time!
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