Mi-Mi Bears - Fun in the school

Mi-Mi Bears - Fun in the school

 Even a very avid fan of watching cartoons agree that playing games with your favorite characters is also very exciting. After all, getting into the virtual space of the game, you can control your favorite characters and change the scenario of the cartoon. This game offers to be in a world of cute and not very clever creatures - Mi-Mi-bears. They often arrange with their friends fun games and almost always there are various contests. This time the bears gladly showed how well they fence, dressed in beautiful clothes of royal musketeers. On this occasion they even took a commemorative photo and wanted to place it on posters. However, the circumstances were unfortunate because the wind came and tore the image apart. Now it is urgent to restore the photo so that the audience could see the beauty of the picture and feel sympathy. It will be necessary to restore the poster with the mouse. There is no need to hurry, there is plenty of time. Enjoy the game!
:Control of the game Ми-ми-мишки - Забавы в Школе
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