Thunder plane

Thunder plane

Shoot the enemy airplane to get a higher score. It's a cheerful game to perform.
Gather a squadron of top pilots and train them so that they will surely help you on the safest assignments. In case you prefer to take risks, you can go on an assignment alone and conquer the sky. Expand your own base, build auxiliary hangars and facilities for pilots and crew. Provide your own security by building air defense guns or barrier balloons. Develop your own management skills to reduce costs and drive your own squad more efficiently. Be the best squadron commander.
Play a variety of errands in any of the cheapest campaigns. Battle to the death with enemy fighter jets, defend ground facilities from bombers, fight over the sea to weaken the enemy fleet, control bomb carriers and destroy targets that make strategic sense. These are just a few examples of 10 types of tasks. You'll see beautiful views of Europe, Africa and Asia. Choose the best planes and pilots.
:Control of the game Самолет грома
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