Pixel hunting is the process of searching for a way out of a situation (mainly in computer games in the genre of "quests"), when the active area (for example, an object that you have to click on with the mouse to scramble or look at it) turns out to be so small or invisible that it has to be searched for by the "poke method". An example of a pixel-hunting. In a stack of papers, the (blue) we need can't be seen. Normally, a skipped object in a fun game is a hopeless situation. Therefore, if a player does not manage to move forward for a long time, he has the assumption that he has not noticed all the objects, and he fixes methodically, the lawn behind the site, scouting all locations. In addition, at a resolution of 320×200, the tiny object was really as big as pixels. Sometimes the developers make a "festive egg" funny, inaccessible only to pixel hunting. However, fans of quests are too accustomed to pixel-hunting, which led to curiosity.
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