Stickman-Street Fighting

Stickman-Street Fighting

In this exciting game Stickman acts as an unrivaled street fighter. Gorgeous Fighter is perfectly able to use their fighting abilities against various hooligans and gangsters. Confronting the character will be a large criminal group, holding control over almost the entire city. Help Stickman to free citizens from the terror of crime and show that he is able to bring order to the whole city. The hero is fully prepared to kick the scoundrels' asses, all you have to do is support him by controlling his actions. The main character has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills and all kinds of weapons, both cold and fire. Danger will be waiting at every step and the adrenaline will flow into the bloodstream all the time. The protogonist will be attacked by a criminal at all times. We have to beat them up and crush every last one of them. Boxes of boxes in the way must be smashed and boxes of weapons hidden in them must be picked up. After passing a certain number of levels you will be able to unlock a new, more powerful character, which will be more skillful and brutal to shoot enemies. Follow this dangerous path, winning all street battles. And let peace and order reign in the city.
:Control of the game Стикмен Драки На  Улице
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