Strike Squad Kittens 3 - The Last Battle

Strike Squad Kittens 3 - The Last Battle

While our heroic strike force invaded the foxes' lands, their ruler went to the cat castle from the rear. An army of foxes attacked the castle of cats, but they were defeated. While the fox army was licking its wounds, their king hired units of powerful raccoons to reinforce the troops. You will now lead the defense of the castle. We must destroy all enemies who attempt to attack the castle. There's no need to go anywhere, the kittens themselves will stand by the castle walls and wait for the raccoons to attack. The kitten squad is bigger, now there are six of them. The enemy will attack as separate units and must destroy them all to avoid taking over the castle. Similarly, you can take the costumes as trophies from the defeated enemy. The only difference is that a kitten's costume can only be worn as a whole, not in pieces. And wearing the costume will bring extra ability. The most valuable bonuses are mass health recovery, double power on attack, extra life and the like. In addition to the costumes, defeated enemies will leave stocks of fish, collecting which kittens will replenish the total bill. Funds from this account can be spent to improve the characteristics of both the castle itself and its defenders kittens. All warriors in the squad have the same attack capability and vitality initially. However, put on suits and different weapons can increase their ability to attack, and to protect. Kittens will attack the enemy automatically when they appear, but to increase their damage raccoons can also press the attack button. Periodically, along with the regular raccoon units, the fortress will try to capture and their boss, which will be much harder to defeat. However, we are confident that under your sensitive guidance, brave cats will be able to defend their castle from enemies and will once again emerge victorious in a cruel and uncompromising war. We wish only victories!
:Control of the game Ударный Отряд Котят 3 - Последняя Битва
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