Gumball remote fu

Gumball remote fu

In this game you will visit the shop of household appliances with the Wattersons. The fact is that the remote control to the TV was broken and the whole family was left without access to television entertainment. Nicole had already paid for the remote control at the cash desk and held it in her hands when the new precious device was taken out of her hands harmful Anais and rode away with him. All the other Wattersons rushed after her, but it wasn't that easy. To start the chase, pick Gambola and hit the road. There will be all sorts of opponents on the way who need to be defused to take away Anais' remote. Once you have the remote, you will be able to access one of the game characters. Try to take away the remote, so that the entire Watterson family will be able to spend time with pleasure at the TV, watching interesting programs. Interesting game!
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