Batman-Shadow battle

Batman-Shadow battle

We invite you to Gotham, a gloomy city with many secrets. Here, in dark alleys, shadows of bandits, criminals and sinister super villains hide. The people of this city have not had a single quiet day when they could easily sleep. However, Batman's super hero, who stands guard over justice and security, is always ready to help the residents. This game is a great action-style roamer. Here you will get to 4 huge warehouses, which were mined by the famous Joker. This villain has placed his gas bombs in them, called "fun". If you don't turn them off, it's gonna be very bad for the whole town. To save the people, Batman called in the super woman Batgirl. Together, they're off to find the bad bombs. You can choose either Batman or Batgirl as your character. Once you're in the warehouse, start looking for the gas bomb. But you have to be careful not to be detected by security. Also, avoid the laser beams of the security system so the Joker won't know you're in the warehouse. If that happens, the mission will fail. To disarm the enemy, use the famous batterangs, which should be assembled before use. The fate of a huge city depends on your success, so we wish you luck.
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