Luntik - Insomnia

Luntik - Insomnia

The game Luntik - Insomnia - spider uncle Shnyuk can not sink into a dream. He is tormented by insomnia and he tries to sleep at midnight, but any methods do not bring results. However, there is a way to help Uncle Shnyuk to sleep a sweet dream. If you count him to a hundred, he'll probably fall asleep peacefully. The game is to click with the mouse cursor on the running numbers Luntics. Not always the numbers will go in order and you need to be careful not to make a mistake. After all, it will mean the loss of one life. It is noteworthy that as the levels are passing, the Luntics will be cunning and trying to confuse you. So do not yawn to get old Shnyuk to sleep after all. And if you succeed, the spider will be able to fall asleep sweetly and rest properly for the next interesting new events of the day. Success in counting!
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