How good do you know Flora?

How good do you know Flora?

Have you heard of a fairy named Flora? If not, you have a great opportunity to learn a lot about her at once. If you have, you will probably find something new in this game. On the planet of fairies, where Flora was born and lives, it is customary to help each other, trying to perform all tasks correctly and on time. And our green fairy naturalist decided to test all of her fans. In this game you can learn a lot about Flora not only as a magician, but also to reveal her personal qualities. If you perform her task as she asks, then be sure to make friends with this nature lover. She has a big test for you with questions that are very easy to answer: "yes" or "no". However, do not hurry to answer immediately, think carefully before each answer. We wish you an interesting and informative time with Flora.
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