Happy Weekend Ellie

Happy Weekend Ellie

Ellie's expecting a busy weekend, and she's asking the girls to help her. She has to change her outfits several times a day to have a good time with her friend and boyfriend. She also has to go to college for classes. You will definitely enjoy being immersed in a world of style and beauty. The first thing you need to do is put on a beautiful makeup. Before you apply makeup, you should definitely make different, cleansing face masks. Well, further you will need to do everything as specified in the list: choose the right clothes for specific events, to complement them with beautiful hairstyles and stylish accessories. Do not forget that you need to take a funny photo for the installation. Other pranks that will make Ellie's leisure time fun will also be nice. 
:Control of the game Веселые Выходные Элли
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