How to survive a separation

How to survive a separation

The beginning of history in this game is when Lisa meets a guy named Kevin in the library. Young people have a mutual instant love. This couple becomes the best at school. But the idyll didn't last long, because one day Lisa saw Kevin kissing another girl. Lisa's heart was broken: she spent several days in her room, shedding bitter tears. The poor girl was lucky to have friends who tried very hard to help her cope with this emotional disorder. The player also has to help Lisa to solve this problem. The first thing to do is to throw away all the things that may remind you of an unfaithful ex. After the first stage, you need to fix the girl's face: wipe away all the tears, wash off the remnants of cosmetics, comb your hair. In addition, you need to pluck extra hairs in the eyebrows and remove pimples. Now her face is freshened and looks good, so you can put on fresh makeup, do your hair and pick up new clothes. Further it will be even more interesting, because Lisa has to meet with her ex-boyfriend to put everything in its place.
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