The wedding drama of Elsa and Rapunzel

The wedding drama of Elsa and Rapunzel

The beginning of the game is marked by a solemn event: today a princess named Rapunzel is getting married and her fiance is to be Jack Forest. But the princess's happiness can be overshadowed as she has a competitor named Elsa. This beauty also wants to be Jack's wife. The groom himself cannot make up his mind and the player will have to decide for himself who to lead to the crown with Jack. First, we need Rapunzel to prepare for the celebration. For this princess to put on makeup, choose the right hair styling and beautiful accessories. After that you can already choose a dress, veil and bouquet. Next in line is Elsa, who expects to be picked up all the elements of her wedding dress, jewelry, hairstyle and others. When everything is ready, then both brides will decide with whom Jack will go under the crown. In the case of single play, the player just need to drag the groom with a rope to the beauty that he likes more. If you play together with a friend, you can arrange a competition and then each of the beauties have a chance to success.
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