River fishing

River fishing

Autumn came, and with it the best time for fishing. It is best to fish on the river, because it is always calm and cozy on the shore, and it is even more pleasant to sit with a fishing rod. In this game for fishing will be available 8 different places, located on the banks of the same river. You need to choose one of them and start the process of fishing. Choose the bait: worm or one of two available sparkles. When the bait is on the hook, it remains to throw the spinning into the water and start spinning the spool. You can catch one of 5 different fish species. There are pike, roach, perch and others. In order to reach the shore, you have to pull the fish carefully and not to break the line. After all, each fish has its own size and weight, we must proceed from this. Try to catch the maximum number of fish to get the most points. Enjoy fishing in nature and set a personal catch record.
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