Shape change

Shape change

 Are you the best shape changeer? This very interesting game will accelerate time in your daily life. Change the shape of the object through the passage of obstacles in the same form use the left / right arrow button or A and D to move left and right. If you are bored at quarantine and all the games are completely bored, then you should try to play this exciting and interesting game, in which everything is quite simple, but extremely exciting. Change the shape of different objects from different materials, passing through different obstacles and be amazed by the different funny results that you get while passing the level. Try to pass the levels as successfully as possible to get more different prizes, bonuses and rewards that will open up different opportunities, make the game more interesting and attractive. The developers and screenwriters of the game have tried to create for you an exciting and at the same time simple game that is sure you will like.
:Control of the game Shape Change
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