Heal the finger

Heal the finger

The game will be interesting, first of all, for the girls. Or all those who want to cure people might be interested in it. The background is this: the beautiful princess started the day not in the best way. She had an accident and her thumb on her arm was badly damaged. The finger has to be saved before the infection spreads too much and leads to irreparable consequences. The first thing to do is to clean your finger of dirt and dry the skin on your hand. After that, you can take medical instruments and clean the damage to the finger itself. disinfect the wound so that all the pathogenic bacteria are dead. There is no need to be too worried and afraid, because doctors are always morally stable if they want to help wounded people. The next step is to sew up the wound, fix the broken nail and place the splint on the damaged finger. After such treatment, the princess will feel much better. Now, to cheer her up, help the girl to apply a beautiful manicure and choose a chic outfit for her. We wish you an interesting and fruitful game!
:Control of the game Лечим Палец
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