Doll's House

Doll's House

Probably not one girl in the world who doesn't like to play with dolls. If there are any exceptions, it's literally one in a million. And a child very often wants her toys to have the same house as his in real life. In this house you can create a real comfort so that the dolls could magically live their lives there at night. But such a small toy house, unfortunately, not all parents can afford to buy for their children. But with the advent of this wonderful game you can forget about the problems with buying a house because now every child who wants to have a home for their favorite dolls, bunnies, bears and other toys, can create for them a very nice house. In this house, toys can be interesting to spend time, invite other toys to visit, organize tea parties and friendly meetings. So that everything is the same as for real people. You need to help with the design of the house, both in terms of interior and exterior. For convenience, you will be provided with everything you need, including spare parts for the frame of the house, as well as interior items. Help to make a very beautiful and cozy house for the dolls to sit there with comfort. Fascinating game
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