Lair of snakes

Lair of snakes

Do you think it's possible to stay alive by getting into the lair of snakes? You can only know the answer to this question when you've been there yourself. Your character will also be a snake, but do not hope that it will just survive. You will start playing a little snake, which should be afraid of everything and everyone around it. You can easily come across a bigger colored snake, which can kill your snake without any effort. So try not to fall into the trap set by such snakes. During the game you can note that the snakes do not all look the same: some in the shape of the head or tail will be different. The fact is that the player who manages such a snake, chose for her a great skin. You will also be available about twenty different skins and you can also call your character by any name you like. Any snake in the lair is a character controlled by a real player, which can be from any corner of the earth. So it is quite real to meet in this game with your friend. It will allow to unite to have more chances to grow up, and also to kill other snakes together. You will get points for any victory, and that means that there are good chances to be among the leaders of the game in time. And, being in the top of the tournament table, you can also claim the position of champion. Although it is not easy to hold the first line, because all your opponents will try very hard to kill your snake and take first place. We wish you to play interestingly and become a leader in the end!
:Control of the game Логово Змей
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