Robots Dinosaurs - Spinner 

Robots Dinosaurs - Spinner 

We are glad to see you in an interesting new game. Previously, we were only engaged in the design and assembly of dinosaurs robots. These metal giants were very powerful and no less dangerous. But here, the entertainment will be different. Today, the whole world is fascinated by interesting spinners. Such a popular thing did not pass by and games about robotic dinosaurs. This fascinating game is associated with both spinners and dinosaurs. In the beginning it will be possible to spin only one type of device in the form of a red Tyrannosaurus. To access the rest of the dinosaur spinners, you will have to spin the first dinosaur a little, which will begin to bring points. To unlock access to the Triceratops, you will need to accumulate 200 bonus points. Well, to start spinning a spinner with Pterodon, for example, you'd have to collect 400 points. So don't put it off in a long box and start playing now. With a little patience, you can open all available dinosaur devices and win. We wish you perseverance and good luck!
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