Raven and Apple in the princess style

Raven and Apple in the princess style

The school's famous students, named Apple White and Raven Queen, once went to see the princesses of Disney Studio. But there was only one princess named Ariel in the castle. She decided to make a little joke about her guests. They need your help to withstand all the mockery with dignity. If you want to help, follow the clues of the game. The first thing you need to do is dress up Raven exactly as one of the popular princesses looks. Be selective in your choice, so the image is 100% accurate. Then you should help Apple decorate the photo of his beloved young man Princess Ariel. The next step is to apply Apple with the same exact makeup, which is typical for Disney. If you make a mistake, the makeup can float and the girl will no longer look so beautiful. Try to act carefully, accurately, but with the necessary amount of creativity. We are sure that you will succeed!
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