Construction Adventure Umizumi

Construction Adventure Umizumi

 In the city of Umi everyone is celebrating and having fun at the kite festival. However, there was a problem, because the gusty wind marked the main kite and pieces of it flew all over the city. All residents ask the Umizumi team to help solve the problem, to which they willingly agree. We need to find all the pieces of the snake, and the team needs your help to do it as quickly as possible. If you agree, start playing as soon as possible! First of all you will need to control Geo, who will collect the scattered pieces, flying through the city on a jetpack. You will need to overcome or evade some obstacles, such as a flock of birds and others. Second, you'll help Millie collect all the jewelry that fell off the snake. You'll also have to manage Bot. As a result of this collective effort, the Umizumi team will be able to successfully collect the fallen snake and the festival will joyfully resume. It's worth remembering that during the game you have to do all the tasks very carefully to collect only the pieces you need. We wish you to have fun!
:Control of the game Строительные приключение Умизуми
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