Puzzle Bakugan

Puzzle Bakugan

As you know from the famous anime, one day, right from the sky on the heads of teenagers sprinkled special cards that they collected and began to play with them. This game was decided to be called Bakugan. You probably know that the maps were pictures of monsters-Bakugans. Each of these monsters has a unique skill and can get bonuses with which to improve the characteristics of this fighter to increase their combat efficiency. This game will allow you to get to know all the characters of the popular cartoon. And it's not just about the Bakugans, but also the players themselves, whose names are Cuzo, Hun, Martheux, Runo, Julie and others. You can choose from a total of twenty different puzzles. You can choose any image you like and start collecting it. We wish you to safely collect all the puzzles that you wish, and get great pictures on the theme of the beautiful anime "Bakugan".
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