Fashion Charlotte Strawberry

Fashion Charlotte Strawberry

In this game, Charlotte strawberry again seeks to amaze others with her fashionable outfits. As you know, she is very fond of dressing up for her bright outfit to catch the eye from a distance. But she is not very interested in her appearance alone and decided to invite her best friends Cherry and Lemon to visit. Girls have enviable beauty, and you will need to make a lot of effort to ensure that their outfits at the level fit the beautiful faces and figures. The first, by tradition, will have to deal with the hostess, namely Strawberry. First of all, choose a girl stylish hairstyle, which will perfectly match the new image. After that you should start choosing beautiful clothes. Do not forget that the clothes should be very harmonious with the accessories and shoes. When you're done with Charlotte, you can start creating images for her girlfriends. Do not hit in the mud face and three girlfriends will impress people when they walk the streets. Interesting game!
:Control of the game Мода Шарлотты Землянички
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In this game you together with Charlotte Strawberry will learn interesting art of fashionable and
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