Hair for Queen Raven

Hair for Queen Raven

This game will set you an important task - to arrange a beautiful and necessary hairstyle is not someone, but the Queen Raven. This girl has a frightening reputation at Ever After High. However, Raven herself would not like to repeat the fate of his mother, who became famous as an evil queen, who hurt all his subjects and not only. It was for this reason that the girl decided to change her hair, which in her opinion, should show everyone that she decided to move away from the dark side. Raven has gorgeous black hair with purple reflections. It's a color that scares people away right away. To make a girl look kind and light, you have to give her the right hairstyle. If you're ready to start, it's time to get started. The first thing to do is to wash the queen's hair well and lubricate it with good lotions. This will strengthen the hair and give it a gorgeous shine. Next, dry the hair with a hair dryer and you can start styling a brand new hairstyle. Any tools you may need are at your service. Try to keep your hair styling as close to perfect as possible and the queen will not be in debt. Interesting game!
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