3D monopoly

3D monopoly

 We invite you to visit the world of finance. In this game you can visit the place of financial collars and stock brokers. The game is created in full accordance with the real board game and the rules are no different from it. From 2 to 4 players can take part in the game. Everyone should choose for himself a color, a chip and a name. There are several interesting chips for everyone to choose from. After everyone to decide on a choice, the game begins. In front of all will be located the game card. In the card center there are cubes and cards of three kinds: a chest, a chance and enterprises. Players throw cubes by turns, and the falling number means quantity of moves on card fields. Each field is either a business or a surprise. Each player has a sum of money of 1550 dollars at the start. If a player has moved to the company field, he can buy it or abandon it. If a player has already bought a company, he has to pay a fine. If you get on the field chest or chance, you will have to perform some of the tasks. Once on the field, the player stays there, skipping a certain number of moves. Try yourself in the game, learning how to be a real favorite of fate.
:Control of the game Монополия 3Д
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